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The resource for everyone in the performing arts is now open

Actors Performers Musicians Producers Directors Writers Stage Managers Costume and Stage Designers MUAs Dancers

At Jozara we support our members Beyond the Stage; helping you to express your creativity and build a successful career.

Our regular seminars, expert articles and user generated content deliver useful, practical and straight forward advice when you need it.

We cover areas such as:

  • funding and grant applications
  • taxes and dealing with HMRC
  • budgeting
  • project planning
  • how to form a theatre company 
  • translating corporate jargon into real language
  • and many more

Because we recognise that the arts have been hit particularly harshly by the COVID-19 crisis, we have reduced our fees by 100% (Yes, it’s FREE!). This will remain in place until at least 2 months after the social distancing measures have been relaxed so that you have the chance to get your mojo back!

Use the checkout code “COVID” to access all of our online support today.

If you have any questions please email us at hello@jozara.co.uk

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