So you want to be a Drag Artist? AMAZING! But where to start?!

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Getting started in Drag by Molly Hemsley / Heather Duster

Drag can often be a very daunting scene of late nights, endless contour palettes, blood, sweat, rhinestones and tears! Drag has come into the mainstream in recent years and the sequins and eco-glitter are now being welcomed by the masses. I’ll be honest though, it isn’t all big wigs and glamour. A LOT of Drag is lugging bags of costumes all over London and a lot of time dedicated to admin and emails. But if the thought has even crossed your mind for a second then you need to try it! It can absolutely be one of the most inspiring, freeing and rewards things you ever do! Everyone can do Drag. In fact I believe everyone should try Drag… at least once!

My name is Heather Duster, I am a Drag Artist and Theatre Maker. I’m an AFAB performer which stands for assigned female at birth. Heather Duster is the world’s only Drag Queen Cleaner… (probably!) She’s an absolute diva who is serves practical glamour and all purpose performance! Whether it’s a lip sync, live singing or just some overdue hoovering as a 99.9% bacteria free Queen she always cleans up!

I’ve dabbled with Drag since 2016 but at the start of this year I decided to go all in and dedicate myself to Drag! Since making this decision I’ve performed at events like Sink the Pink Street Party, run my own Drag makeup hen do and I came second in The Gold Rush Drag competition! It’s been a whirlwind year but I’m still very new to the scene and always on the lookout for more gigs and new venues. But going back in time I want to talk about how it all started as this can often be the most daunting part for new performers. Where to start? What to do and who to talk to?! It can feel like an awfully big task taking the first steps but don’t fret because I’ve put together a few tips for getting you started!

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Also very importantly follow @heatherduster on instagram and @heather_duster on Twitter! And please feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

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