Theatre Artists Fund

The Theatre Artists Fund was launched at the weekend. We’ve gone through the advice and spoken directly to UK Theatre and have the summarised information below.

There were many announcements for the performing arts sector this weekend, but one important one was the Theatre Artists Fund. This blog gives you all the information about the fund, how it works and how to apply.


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What is the Theatre Artists Fund?

This is an emergency fund for theatre workers that have fallen through the cracks of government support, such as the Job Retention (‘furlough’) scheme or the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS).
The fund was created thanks to a £500,000 donation from Netflix, but has now gone above £900,000 thanks to donations from other theatre artists and members of the public.

If successful, applicants will get a one-off grant of £1,000 which they can use towards living costs. To apply you need:
• To meet certain eligibility criteria
• Provide proof of address
• Provide contact information of a theatre professional to act as a referee
This fund is open NOW and closes at 12noon on Monday 13th July. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by 27th July.

What are the criteria?

The full list of criteria can be found here. Whilst this might seem exhaustive, you do not need to meet every single criterion.

You will be asked to provide up to 5 professional roles or jobs you have done from 1st January 2019 and 31st March 2020. Your jobs might have occurred one after another or might have overlapped, but the total time worked needs to add up to a minimum of eight weeks

What is in the application form?

SECTION 1: About You

  • Personal information: Name, Address, Contact Info
  • Age declaration: You state that you are over 18 years old

SECTION 2: Eligibility Criteria

  • Statements: Tick the statements from the Eligibility section that apply to you
  • Proof: Attach a file that proves the statements above. This proof can be a utility bill, bank statement, email from employer terminating employment, an email declining you from support or anything else that fulfils the criteria.
  • Profession: Indicate what role/s or job/s you do in the theatre sector
  • Job history: detail 5 professional roles you have done in the format of Role/Job, Theatre/Production company, Dates and Other Info.
  • Your referee: the contact information for the theatre professional who will act as your referee.

SECTION 3: Additional Information

Additional information: where you’re based, your age, ethnicity, education, any disabilities you might have and more.

Key things to bear in mind?

These are the core elements of the application form, but are a few additional elements.

The full PDF application form is here for your reference before applying online.

The key things to remember are:

  • You don’t have to fit every statement on the eligibility criteria.
  • The payment will be exactly £1000: no more, no less.
  • This fund might re-open at a later date depending on how much they have left after this first round.
  • If you have more than £2000 in savings, but that money is for your next tax return – don’t worry: submit your proof as requested and in ‘additional comments’ or during your follow up phone call you can specify that this is for your tax, and not personal savings.
  • There is no harm in applying. The worst case scenario is they say no. Especially if you need the help. This isn’t the time now to think “well some people are worse off than me” – let them decide that. If you need help, apply for the fund.
  • UK Theatre have made this a very short and simple application form to fill out. One of our members filled it out in 30 minutes.
    This fund has been created specifically for self-employed performers. Please take advantage of this offer of help. There is still a long way to go before our industry re-calibrates to the new environment in which we will have to work.

We at Jozara are here to help with the application and other schemes that are available. If you need us, call 07702 409331 – or email with any questions you have.

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